European Atari Jaguar Festival 2000

The first European Atari Jaguar Festival “ejagfest” took place on November 12th in Meddo in the Netherlands.

Here you find an overview of the highlights of this year.


  • Richard Turner: Showed many demos and prototypes for the Jaguar which came from him and other developers. Among the games were: Asteroids 2000, The Assasin, Native Demo and much more. He further explained how to develop for the Jaguar without a over 1000DM expensive Alpine board via BJL.
  • Michael Neihs: Brought some flyer and the latest news about the new Nuon platform. The chipset in the Nuon DVD player converts the machine into a video game console. It was the spiritual successor to the Jaguars. Many former Atari employees worked for VMLabs who are the developer of the Nuon technology.
  • Matthias Domin: Showed the latest generation of the the “The Jaguar Engine” (Jaguar Cartridge with PS/2 keyboard and mouse connector as well as the IDE port and boot ROM with a custom 2.06-TOS running). He took the project over from Bitmaster. It was later published as “TOSonJag”. He also showed how the VCS paddle controller can be used on the Jaguar using his custom driver software.
  • Lars Hannig: Showed on his Alpine board a self-written ejagfest demo, as well as some old “Atari fair Demos”, which Atari used back in the days to demonstrate the power of the Jaguar.
  • Diederik van Dijk: Showed his Jaguar, which was modded with a 50/60Hz switch and was equipped with additional audio ports. Further the game pacmania by Matthias Domin was part of the Boot ROM of the Jaguar.

Other highlights were the new Jaguar releases Battlesphere, Skyhammer, Hyper Force, Soccer Kid and Protector which could be played on a projector. The Prototype of the game Phase Zero could be played via Flash ROM cartridge. The Competition was canceled, so the prices were auctioned.

This was the first ejagfest, which took place in Meddo in the Netherlands. Meddo is a small town on the German Dutch border.

You can find pictures of this event in the Gallery and reports and videos in the Press Echo section. We would like to thank our partners and supporters. To refresh my memory of the first ejagfest I used my own notes and further the December 2000 issue of the magazine.


ejagfest 2000 group picture

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