European Jagfest 2023

The European Atari Jaguar Festival, “ejagfest” is back!
It will take place on October 21st and 22nd in Korschenbroich (between Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach), Germany. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Atari Jaguar this year which has been released in 1993 in the USA.

The European Atari Jaguar Festival is a noncommercial regular festival for all Atari and retro gaming fans from all over Europe and the World. It was established in year 2000 and the focus of attention is on Atari and all systems of the cult lable. But we don’t want to miss other retro-systems, as well. The more exotic, the better. The motto is: Bring your favorite retro console and have fun!

All of you who would like to play again on retro consoles and trusty home-computers systems of the 70s, 80s or 90s, this is the right place.

This year will mark the event‘s 20th anniversary, and it takes place for the 6th time in the location in Kleinenbroich. Let’s celebrate Atari! You got two days of retro fun with lots of exhibitors, a tombola on Sunday and free drinks like coffee and water over the weekend.

Find your way to the ejagfest: Directions and Hotel recommendations (link)

Adress of the Event: 

Hochstraße 26

41352 Korschenbroich

Saturday we start at 9:00 AM until 12 PM (midnight).
Sunday we start at 10:00 AM until 5 PM.

Highlights of this year:

  • SainT (RetroHQ):
    • SainT showed last time his Jaguar GameDrive (SD-Card adapter), which will be at the show again.
    • This year, new on display is the Atari 7800 GameDrive (SD-Card adapter) and the Mega7800-adapter.
      It contains additional audio-chips, an RGB-video- and audio-output, as well as a save and chat feature.
      In addition to that, the adapter enables the player to use Mega Drive- and MasterSystem-Controller as well as a Master System Lightgun with the 7800 system.
  • Jasper van Turnhout:
    • Shows and sells his Atari Lynx game Wyvern Tales.
    • Further he shows us his new projects like one for the Atari Jaguar.
  • Yastuna Games:
    • The Homebrew publisher & coder of games like A Bug’s Trip (Lynx), Asteroids Chaser (Lynx), Rai On Tri City (Lnyx) and many more will visit the european Jagfest for the first time and shows us some of his latest work.
  • Marco Willig (McWill):
    • Shows and sells his VGA-Screen Hardware Mod for the Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear und GameBoy Color.
      It improves the screen quality a lot. Further it provides an VGA-output to play Lynx on an external display.
    • On Sunday he modifies systems on side and give a modding workshop.
    • New on display the Game Gear Full-Mod incl. new PCB and IPS640x480 with integer Scaling, new Powerboard incl. LiPo Accu, optional Analogstick, RGB LEDs on each button, new Soundboard with Tantal Caps.
  • DragonBox Shop:
    • The Dragonbox shop presents the „MIST FPGA“ Computer. This device emulates the most known and unknown 8 and 16 BIT computer and consoles with an FPGA chip.
    • Everyone will be able to try this device out at the show.
  • Gameplan: 
    • The publisher is well known for high quality books about retro video games and home computer in germany. They offer and show some of the books at the ejagfest.
  • Zone 3 Zockecke:
    • Thanks to “Zone3” we present you a gaming area with beanbags for gamers and full of retro-gaming highlights.
    • Shows us his high quality custom-made protector sheaths for collector items.
    • Further, he offers a CD-repair service.
  • Digital Foundry:
    • John Linneman from the Youtube channel Digital Foundry is expected to be at ejagfest as well.
  • Limited Run Games:
    • Audie Sorlie from Limited Run Games is expected to be at ejagfest as well.
    • He may make a retro related announcement at the fest.
  • Retrospiel:
    • Shows and sells new homebrew games for different retro-systems.
  • Wolfsoft:
    • The well known retailer and hardware-mod specialist for retro consoles showed and sold a selection of goods from his store.
  • Silvio Laute:
    • Shows some exhibits from his collection, some Pong machines like the Atari Pong – C-100, Atari Super Pong – C-140, Atari Super Pong Ten – C-180, Atari C-402 Ultra Pong Doubles, Atari C-380 Video Pinball and the very rare Sears Pinball Breakaway.

… more announcements to come.

Further exhibitions:

A transparent Jaguar case on display. It’s a special edition, which was produced in spring of 2015 with the original Jaguar tooling. This limited run was sold to support the “RVGS” console. The system was later renamed to the “Colecovision Chameleon” and it was planned that they would also use this tooling. After some problems during the production of the console, the project was canceled. What is left, are this nice cases for the Jaguar.

For the fourth time at an Atari event we show you the HotRod. After Atari discontinued the Jaguar, they sold the tooling to a company who made dental cameras. The HotRod was the flagship product of them.


  • To be announced (Lynx)
  • To be announced (tba)
  • Mario Kart Double Dash (Gamecube)