European Atari Jaguar Festival 2005

The European Atari Jaguar Festival “ejagfest” took place on November 12th in Kaarst near Düsseldorf. We celebrated the 20th anniversay of the Atari ST product family.

Here you find an overview of the highlights of this year.


  • Lars Hannig: He sold a limited exclusive ejagfest edition of his new game “JagMind Bomb Squad” for Jaguar CD. He also showed a trailer for “Eerivale” and an early playable PC version. He also had a large poster of the game with him.
  • 16 32 bit Systems: Nick Harlow, sold new and used hardware and software for various Atari systems.
  • Atari Store NL: Sold retro games and goodies for various systems.
  • Matthias Domin: Showed the latest version of its new homebrew games “Reversi and Connect Them”. Further he displayed a beta of the puzzle game “clicks” for the Jaguar.
  • Jaguar Connexion: Our friends from the French Jaguar Connexion distributed again flyer for their event and brought again the VCS 2600 handheld over.
  • CD-I from the NeXGam forum: Brought his Virtual Boy, Dreamcast and Nuon player with some games. Everybody was invited to play with them.

Other highlights were the new releases of Total Carnage for the Jaguar, a self-built Jaguar Arcade Stick, Silver Jag, one of the Lethal Excess (Atari ST) developer was at the show and expressed interest to develop for the Jaguar. Moreover, so many different retro systems were represented as never before. Including an Atari ST Atari Falcon, a multinorm Mega Drive, several Nintendo DS, a PSone, PS2, PSP and some more.


  • European Championship “Worms” (Jaguar)
  • European Championship “Checkered Flag” – 6 Player Network (Lynx)

This year is the event‘s 5th anniversary and took place for the 2nd time in Kaarst near Düsseldorf. The ejagfest took place at: Bischofshof, Königsstraße 18-24, 41564 Kaarst – Germany.

You can find pictures of this event in the Gallery and reports and videos in the Press Echo section. We would like to thank our partners and supporters.

Source: ejagfest


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