Jaguar game Rebooteroids – public beta available

The long awaited new Jaguar game Rebooteroids can now be downloaded as a beta version for free.

The developers plan to improve the game on basis of the feedback of this beta release to deliver the best  final release version possibe.
Rebooteroids was already shown at the ejagfest 2012, but soon after this the development was paused for some time. Now it is in full progress again and the developer work on the completion of it.  A release some time soon is expected. We will probably now more about it until ejagfest 2016 later this year.

The game has Asteroids like gameplay and a Geometry Wars like look. It provides great gameplay, so we all looking forward to the release.

If you want to take a look yourself, check the Atari Age Thread linked as source.

Source(s): AtariAge

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