Lynx Multi SD-Card from Retro HQ

James aka “SainT” at the AtariAge forum managed to develop a SD-Card adapter for the Atari Lynx.

This little device makes it possible to load rom files like new homebrew games, prototypes ect. via SD-Card direktly to your Lynx. Good news for homebrew developers who wants to easyly share their work for beta testing or just want give it away to the community.

To get this peace of hardware working on the Lynx was not as easy, as for most consoles from this era. Therefore he had to solve various technical issues of Ataris handheld before this could be done. See his blog post at RetroHQ about this topic. It is linked in the sources.

The adapter works with Lynx model 1 and 2 and it comes optional with a 3D-printed case, which only matches perfectly into the Lynx 2. The menu to select roms from card is open source, so the community can create new skins for it in the future.

The first 100 units will be delivered soon, he will make more if demand is there. You can preorder via the AtariAge forum thread. The price for one card is £65 + shipping (UK: £5, International: £9).

This device will definitly help to get more homebrew games in the hands of enthusiasts. The Multi SD-Card in combination with McWills LCD Mod, makes the Lynx ready for a bright future.

Soure(s): RetroHQ, AtariAge preorder thread

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