New run of KA Aircars for Jaguar is coming soon

Beta phase games and B&C Computervisions are planning to release a second run of the Cartridge game “KA Aircars” soon. 

Aircars from ICD was one of the last officially released games for the Jaguar in 1997. It came in very limited numbers without a box and with a basic manual. Later B&C Computervisions released an exact reprint of it, still without box and proper manual. In 2010 Atariage user Gaztee released a beta of Aircars as Aircars 94 complete with a nice box, manual and overlay. This version is less complete then the 1997 release, but due to some differences in the game, a nice collectible.

Aircars Clamshell FrontThe KA Aircars version was recently discovered by Team Jaguar. It’s a new, enhanced, version of the original Aircars. This version is referred to as KA Aircars because it was sent to the ESRB ratings board for evaluation. KA Aircars features numerous improvements over the commercially released original. This package includes a cartridge, clamshell, full color insert, a copy of the original ICD Aircars manual and an addendum outlining the differences between the commercially released ICD version and the newly discovered KA version.

The first run was limited to 100 copys and sold out within a short amount of time. You now get a second chance to order it. To preorder send an email to

New features:

  • Smaller, slicker dashboard
  • Bigger explosions with hazardous debri
  • More intense sound effects
  • Day and night missions (original Aircars always takes place at night)
  • HUD displays user name (if entereD) and number of primary targets remaining
  • Up to 8 players networked
  • Enemy logo decal on the title screen Aircar


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