Alice’s Mom’s Rescue! released for Jaguar CD and Skunkboard

The 2D platformer “Alice’s Mom’s Rescue!” is now available for Jaguar CD and the Skunkboard via Orion Website. It’s a multi-platform development, which includes a Dreamcast , Linux and Playstation version and an already available Mobile version ( Android and iOS ) . The Jaguar version of the game runs at 25 fps (Pal.) and 30 fps (NTSC) and contains 3 worlds with 25 levels.

The Jaguar CD version includes the 6MB Skunkboard version. You can save your progress on the Memory Track (Jaguar CD) and you have the choice between ​​English, French, Italian, German and Spanish (EFIGS) language for the game. The professionally pressed CD, the beautifully designed color cover and the Manual make a high quality impression. Due to the fact they used a Hybrit CD, the PC Windows version is also included on the disc. A thoroughly enjoyable package.

Source: Orion Website