Book: The Encyclopedia of Game Machines 1972-2012

Winnie Forster’s book “The Encyclopedia of Game Machines: Consoles, Handhelds and Home Computers 1972-2012″(2nd edition) is available since 2011. The german version of the Book was just released in a new edition (including the years 2013-2015), but the existing english version is still worth a closer look. 

More than 450 dream machines, from million-dollar sellers to exotic variants, are celebrated in this exhaustive reference to video gaming systems. The near-ubiquity of video games means that nearly every reader will have owned, played, or heard about at least a handful of the machines included, whether from Europe, Japan, or the United States. Beyond just images of the gaming decks, the book covers classic software in all of its authentic, pixilated glory, as well as key technical facts for each console and operating system. With nostalgia and an archivist’s attention to detail, this compendium of virtual competition looks back on almost 40 years of staring at screens and furiously pressing buttons.









You will find well researched facts, sales figures, technical data and the number of developed games for each system. Further the author took a look at the software (genre diversity) and tells us more about the cultural and historical significance of each of the systems. The one or another anecdote can be found, as well. In one sections of the book there is a very detailed technology table which gives the reader a very good overview about the technical data of the systems.

We recommend you, to take a closer look at this book. It’s available via amazon or via the Gameplan website.

We would like to thank the publisher Gameplan for the voucher copy.

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