European Atari Jaguar Festival 2011

The European Atari Jaguar Festival “ejagfest” took place on 19th of November in Kaarst near Düsseldorf. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Atari 7800, which was released worldwide in 1986 after it was released in small amounts in a test market in the year 1984.

Here you find an overview of the highlights of this year.


  • Team Reboot/Jagware: Had a lot to show this year. Starting with their new homebrew game “Kobayashi Maru” (Jaguar). It’s compatible with the Rotary Controller and is like most of their games downloadable for free. On the ejagfest there was a limited amount of games on CD with box to buy. Further they showed a new version of “Rebooteroids” (Jaguar) and an early version of Downfall (Port of a Falcon 030 game for Jaguar). And last but not least they showed the game Superfly, which could be played on a small LCD with a specially built one button controller.
  • Matthias Domin: Showed the current version of his new Jaguar Homebrew Game “Impulse X” and the finished boxes for the retail verison.
  • Gary Taylor: Showed and sold his new high quality custom overlays and box sets for Jaguar games like Charles Barkley Basketball, Aircars, Space War, Painter, Iron Soldier beta and some more. He also had the game Aircars 94 beta on cartridge including overlay and Box (Jaguar) and a promotional mugs set on sale.
  • LinkoVitch: Showed a demo of his new “sound engine” for the Jaguar, which is intended to simplify the development of homebrew games in the future.
  • GroovyBee: Showed us the prototype of the “Expansion Module XM Project” for the Atari 7800, as well as some in development games for it.
  • Atari Store NL: Sold retro games and goodies for various systems.

Other highlights were Speedster (Jaguar), Midi-Maze 6 Players Network (Atari STE / Falcon), Roland ST-32, several Atari Falcon 030 and Atari STE’s, Atari 130 XE, Atari 800, live painting of Atari motives during the show, Nuon Player, Panasonic 3DO with some games like “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties” a Neo Geo AES, the Silver Jag, the selfmade Jag arcade stick and much more.


  • European Championship “Checkered Flag” in a 6 player network (Lynx)
  • Cup “Atari Karts” (Jaguar)
  • Cup “Kobayashi Maru” (Jaguar)

This year was the event‘s 11th anniversary and it took place for the 8th time in Kaarst near Düsseldorf. The ejagfest took place at: Bischofshof, Königsstraße 18-24, 41564 Kaarst – Germany.

You can find pictures of this event in the Gallery and reports and videos in the Press Echo section. We would like to thank our partners and supporters.

Source: ejagfest

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