World premieres at the ejagfest from Luchs-Soft

We got two world premieres from Luchs-Soft at the ejagfest 2015 at 7th and 8th of November. 

The first world premiere is the new Jaguar CD game “Arne: Jäger des Jags”. It is the third game of the “JAGCD 8-Bit Collection” from Luchs-Soft. See our article.

Further Luchs-Soft presents his first chiptunes audio CD by Luchs-Records at the ejagfest. The album is called Vectrax and contains 10 tracks. He created brand new custom samples for it.

Both titles can be bought at the ejagfest 2015.

ARNE – Jäger des Jags [Atari Jaguar] – Preview

Source(s): luchs-soft, luchs-records, AtariAge

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