European Atari Jaguar Festival 2009

The European Atari Jaguar Festival “ejagfest” took place on 7th of November in Kaarst near Düsseldorf. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Atari Lynx this year which has been released in 1989.

Here you find an overview of the highlights of this year.


  • Lars Hannig: Showed on behalf of Joe Venor the most current build of the “Atari Owl Project”. This is a demo of a very powerful 3D voxel-engine for the Jaguar. The demo is created as a 3D Action/RPG  and was only presented once at the Jagfest UK and is therefore a German-Premiere.
  • Dan Hericks: The former “Eclipse Software” employee (Iron Soldier 1,2,3) showed some screenshots of an unreleased Jaguar project. He also gave us an insight into his new Lynx project based on the Iron Soldier brand.
  • Matthias Domin: Showed the most current build of his new Jaguar Homebrew Game “Impulse X”.
  • Gary Taylor: Brought us after his visit in 2006, again the Hi-Res prototype of the Jag-VR Virtual Reality Headset for Jaguar. Due to some calibration problems, it was only limited playable, but still impressive.
  • Thorsten Butschke: Presented us again his Tron like game “Grenzüberschreitung” for the Atari Falcon, which is playbale with up to 8 players.
  • Simon Querenhorst: Showed us his new Atari 2600 homebrew game “Kite!” and offered some of his homebrew games for sale.
  • Christopher Schmitz: The former Jaguar developer at Sunsoft told us a few storys from the Atari time.
  • Atari Store NL: Sold retro games and goodies for various systems.
  • 16 32 bit Systems: Nick Harlow, offers used and new hard- and software for different Atari systems.

Other highlights included a Nuon Player, the Jaguar homebrew game Mad Bodies, the new Skunkboard flash-device and Dev.-Kit for the Jaguar, Painter Cartridge version (Jaguar), six Battlesphere cartridges (Jaguar), the Silver Jag, a Jag arcade stick, an Atari STE, a Dingoo A320 handheld, a PS2 with Rock Band, and last but not least a little after-show party at the Hafen Bar in Neuss.


  • European Championship “Club Drive” (Jaguar)
  • European Championship “Checkered Flag” in the 6 player network (Lynx)
  • European Championship “Grenzüberschreitung” (Falcon)

This year was the event‘s 9th anniversary and it took place for the 6th time in Kaarst near Düsseldorf. The ejagfest took place at: Bischofshof, Königsstraße 18-24, 41564 Kaarst – Germany.

You can find pictures of this event in the Gallery and reports and videos in the Press Echo section. We would like to thank our partners and supporters.

Source: ejagfest


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